ECA Name Day Time Fee Availability Venue Reg. Closed
Please read this term :


  1. An invoice/confirmation will be sent by email before the ECA starts once your enrolment is confirmed. Please ensure your email address is up to date. However, if you have registered and did not receive an invoice/ confirmation please contact the ECA coordinator at
  2. Once you have selected your activity you are expected to remain involved for the term. If there is a problem and you want to withdraw or if there is any changes, please email the ECA coordinator. Students will not be able to make changes once activities have commenced.
  3. Newly enrolled students at school can be given a pro-rata fee if they enroll after Week 4 of the term. Existing students will not be given the pro-rata fee for late registration or absences due to sickness, personal holidays, camps or other school related activities.
  4. If you're registering after the closing date, please email the ECA coordinator
  5. If you're an SSC student, please register based on your year level.
  6. If your chosen activity is already FULL and you want to be included in the wait list, please email the ECA coordinator
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