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Please read this term :

Students must have a spread of activity across the Creativity, Action and Service areas. This means students should take at least one CCA from each of these areas in at least one term of the year.

 This year you can select up to 5 CCA’s per term if you want (one per day but unlikely) but you must ensure you meet the expectations as outlined above for your year level.

  • Students in Year 7 – 8 are expected to participate in 1 CCA per term
  • Students in Year 9 – 10 are expected to participate in 2 CCA’s per term
  • Students in Year 11 – 12 are expected to participate in 3 CCA’s per term

Exemptions can be granted if students complete service activities on the weekends for community service. Some service learning projects will also be carried out in class time in particular subject areas and Year levels.

 Some of the activity costs money especially with outside provider.  An invoice will be prepared and sent via email before activity starts.

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