Band of Leaders

This Term, Year Five and Six students participated in a two-day Leadership Course. The program included guest speaker, Mike Tramp, the lead singer of the rock band White Lion. Mike spoke to the children about his experience in leading a band. Students heard from Mike that hard work, decision-making and setting examples were important aspects of leadership. The children then formed ‘rock bands’ which were their groups for the two days. In their rock bands they were given specific tasks to perform such as brainstorming the words to describe a leader and create a skit showing a leader in action.

On the second day, AIS high school students who were part of the Connexion Youth Mentoring Program, were invited to share about qualities of a leader. Incorporated into the Leadership Course was a Digital Citizenship session run by Mr Cosi, on digital footprints and cyber safety. There were a lot of fun workshop activities as students learned about working as a group and navigating through challenges, closing the day with equally welcomed servings of pizza for all.


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