Crazy Hair to Help Our Local Community

Last week, AIS Kemang Year 5 students organised a Crazy Hair Day. This was part of a service-learning project to raise money to buy goods for flood kits, which they will donate to Kampung Kids, a local NGO, providing assistance and education to local families in our community. Our school has a strong relationship with Kampung Kids, with AIS high school students tutoring students from Kampung Kids in English, IT and swimming.  

AIS students will shop and buy cleaning products and food. We have been learning about floods in Geography and, after visiting the local community, we decided this would be a great way for us to help. Students, families and teachers made donations to wear their hair in crazy styles ranging from unicorn horns and  mohawks to coloured pigtails.

As well as lots of fun, this was a great way for students to raise awareness about flooding in our local community.

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