Systems Thinking and Sustainability

It wasn’t only the students who came back to school in 2017 to start learning. Last week, all AIS Indonesia teachers from across the school’s four campuses came together for our annual AIS conference. This year’s theme was Global Citizenship and after a number of whole school sessions we broke into groups to complete the Compass Education: Practitioner (Level 1) training. The Compass Education trainers comprised educators from international schools around the world, as well as from private enterprise. 
The training focused on systems thinking and sustainability. This ties in with our school vision which is for AIS students to become “confident, capable and socially aware global citizens who contribute meaningfully to the communities in which they choose to live and work.”
As well as systems thinking tools learnt, teachers were given practical activities to use in their in classrooms and ideas for planning to help make our school more sustainable and globally minded. The conference was a great way to come back to school and we all look forward to seeing more great things happening in 2017!



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