Scholarship Winners to Start at AIS

This year's Scholarship recipients are, like our first recipients last year, an exciting group of mature, very well rounded, young Indonesians. They were chosen not only because they are high achieving students academically but because they also offer other talents such as music, the arts and student leadership.

The first student to start was Azer Fauzan Isyq who began at the beginning of Term 1. Last week our second student Felicia Budiman joined AIS and we expect our final student, Ariel Putra Judarta to in Term 2.

Azer is a very high academic achiever, particularly in Science where he has won awards for research and innovation, and he has outstanding achievement in Mathematics and English.

Felicia is musically talented, has composed music, can play the piano, violin and guitar and sings in a choir. She is trained in ballet and now is training also in contemporary dance. She has achieved very good academic results particularly in English, Biology and Chemistry.

Ariel plays the violin, viola and piano, is a composer and is a member of the Jakarta Christian Youth Orchestra and the voice of Joy Choir and Orchestra. He has a commitment to Community Service with a long term involvement in a Mobile Library servicing a low socio-economic community. He enjoys History and English.

We are very pleased to have them all join AIS Pejaten

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