Academic Success at the Primary round of the World Scholar’s Cup

In May, three teams of very excited students from AIS Kemang set off for the Jakarta Primary round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The students had spent a couple of months researching a range of subject areas, practising persuasive writing and honing their debating skills.

The event was held at Sinar Mas School in BSD and involved students from schools all over Jakarta competing in a range of challenges. The challenges included collaborative writing where students debated with the power of their pens. They were given six statements, each from a different subject area they’d studied, and they were asked to choose one to argue for or against. The catch was each member of each team had to choose a different topic.

The next challenge was the Scholar's Challenge. It was multiple choice like any other test, but with a twist: students could mark more than one answer per question. The fewer they marked the more points they got.

Another challenge was debating. They had to debate three times on motions across all subjects, from policy to poetry. Students debated topics like whether animals make better friends than humans. They used their research to make the most persuasive case they could. And, then after each debate, they had to give the other team feedback on how to improve.

The final challenge for the day was the scholar’s bowl. Each team worked together to solve analytical questions and multimedia challenges. Following these challenges was a WSC talent show where one of the AIS teams joined in with a spectacular Bollywood dance.

The night ended in glory with AIS Kemang walking away with a grand total of 23 gold medals and 28 silver medals. This was a fantastic result for our campus’ first involvement in the competition. A special mention has to made for Anusha, one of the school captains, who received a trophy for 4th place overall.

As well as a chance to showcase AIS students’ excellent academic abilities, the event was a great chance for students to be challenged, to practise their oral and written skills and to meet other students from across Jakarta.


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