AIS Balinkpapan's success at the regional round of The Scholar's World Cup

AIS Balikpapan has achieved amazing success at this year’s regional round of The Scholar's World Cup in Surabaya.

The World Scholar's Cup attracts "a global community of future scholars and leaders", and allows participants to "discover strengths and skills you never knew you had." Despite technically being a competition, The World Scholar's Cup focuses far more on bringing students from different cultures together to discuss issues and ideas relevant to today and the future. Over 40 countries are represented. The World Scholar's Cup consists of four main events: The Scholar's Challenge, Collaborative Writing, The Team Debate, and The Scholar's Bowl.

AIS’s smallest campus entered two teams in the Junior Division (students aged 10-14 years) in the Surabaya regional round. Both teams earned themselves an invitation to the global round of The Scholar’s World Cup in Kuala Lumpur at the end of June.

We are very proud of the following students and their fantastic success personally and with their team: Kianna Santosa (Yr 5), Innez Boak (Yr 7), Jovianthony Kusumadi (Yr 7), Alex Maiden-Ross (Yr 7), Shanelle Stewart (Yr 9) and William Murray (Yr 9).


Team Bowl Junior Honor Medals

#9 Inez Boak, Jovianthony Kusumadi, Kianna Santosa

Individual Debate Junior Honor Medals

#30 Shanelle Stewart,

#23 Alexander Maiden-Ross

#17 Kianna Santosa

Individual Writing Junior Medalist

#4 Kianna Santosa

Challenge Subject

Alexander Maiden-Ross (Science Winner)

Jovianthony Kusumadi (Science Honor Roll)

William Murray (Special Area Honor Roll)

Top School Scorer

Kianna Santosa

Champions Scholar Junior Honor Medalist

#21 Kianna Santosa

Team Score Junior Honor Medalist

#11 Tinezia Boak, Jovianthony Kusumadi, Kianna Santosa

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