AIS Pejaten celebrates Indonesian Independence day

Elyssa Haddad, Year 7 student of  Beginning Indonesian at AIS Pejaten reports on the Indonesia Independence Day Celebration held at his campus.

On Friday the 14th of August I attended a special day at school to all Indonesians around the world as well as people living in Indonesia. This day commemorates the fact that on the 17th of August 1945 Indonesia had gained its independence from the Dutch. As of this year Indonesia has been an independent country for 70 years and counting.

The joyous independence day at my school started with the annual Bendera Flag Raising. A very important part of the day. The ceremony leader gives his significant speech to all students and parents present. We all bow our heads to give a minute of thought to the brave heroes that fought for the freedom of this country.

Now the fun part of the day; Activities! It all started with the making of a kite, creating a traditional Janur then finally enjoying a quiz created on the theme of Indonesia. Before our next round of activities we were given a short break to enjoy some lovely treats created by the Indonesian mum’s of the school...Yum!

Now it was time for the next round of thrilling activities. We were put into small groups consisting of various grades. We all enjoyed playing games such as, Transferring water, ping pong game, right and wrong and collecting balls. It was quite enjoyable while getting to know other people from different grades.

After a load of Indonesian food and desserts it was assembly time. Placed up on stage we performed the song Naik Delman which turned out much better than I thought! After enjoying a costume parade it was time to go home. What a great Indonesian Independence Day!

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