English As Additional Language

AIS Indonesia

  • We recognise that English language proficiency is the key to success for many students. By providing a structured framework as well as language support options for those requiring additional assistance, students can develop the skills they need to reach their potential. The EAL program was started in order to meet the needs of non-English speaking students from beginning to intermediate level. Prior to enrolment, EAL students are tested to identify their language needs and to determine their level of support.
  • We offer three levels of EAL support:

    Intensive support for 75% of class time. Intermediate support for 50% of class time. Supplementary support for 25% of class time.
  • The main aim of EAL is to prepare students to reach a level of proficiency in English to enable them to participate confidently in mainstream classes.

    There are two types of EAL support provided by AIS:

    Lessons where students are given English tuition in place of regular classes. The focus is on the curriculum taught in mainstream classes

    Support within mainstream classes, where an EAL teacher provides individual assistance to students.

    A student’s readiness to enter mainstream classes or to move to a different level of EAL is regularly assessed. Diagnostic and placement assessments are made at appropriate times.

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