Health & Physical Education

AIS Indonesia


    Our comprehensive Health & Physical Education (PE) program is one of the core curriculum subjects at AIS.


    The aims of the program include the following:

    Teaching physical and interpersonal skills Encouraging students to lead healthy lifestyles Creating a positive attitude towards physical activity Exposing students to a diverse range of sports
  • In the Primary School, the Health program teaches basic health concepts through Drug Education, body awareness, safety and the importance of healthy lifestyle. The PE program provides opportunities for dance, fine and gross motor skills, team participation and leadership.

    In Secondary School, students learn to take responsibility for their physical and emotional well-being, including developing the necessary skills and strategies to participate in a range of sports. They are provided with ample opportunities to have fun, organise, and investigate life-long physical pursuits.

    Students are introduced to a diverse range of sports at AIS including: swimming, athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, soccer, softball, table tennis and volleyball.

  • House Groups

    All AIS students are allocated a House (Naga, Sempati, Garuda or Komodo) on enrolment and participate in inter-house activities, where they can compete against their peers in an enjoyable and friendly environment at athletics and swimming carnivals.

    House Competition is also part of the primary and secondary campus student welfare initiative, with social and competitive activities organised by House Captains throughout the year.

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