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Why AIS?

Realising the Global Society of Tomorrow

As a world-class international school that has operated for more than 27 years, AIS has always been an inclusive school committed to the holistic development of each child in our care, and we are extremely proud of our students' accomplishments.

Reasons for choosing AIS:

  • World's best curriculum practice
  • International Certification
  • Passionate learning environment
  • Inclusivity at its finest
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Our School Campus

AIS offers Preschool to High School students wide range of stimulating and challenging programs at its strategically located campuses in Jakarta and Bali.

Life at AIS

We wanted an inclusive school that was welcoming to all students and cared for their welfare as much as their academic ability.

Mr Bartholomew Clancy

Parents of Preschool Student

Life at AIS

The most important factor for us was whether a school could support our children in terms of language, English. Since, before entering a school in Jakarta, they were not good at English, we were looking for a school where ESL students can get sufficient support.

Mrs Tamami Numakami

Parents of Primary Students