OOur Belief


The vision of AIS is for our students to become confident, capable and socially aware global citizens who contribute meaningfully to the communities in which they choose to live and work.



Our mission is to achieve this through the provision of high quality, inclusive learning experiences, differentiated to meet individual needs. We support student learning with excellent teachers equipped with up to date teaching materials and technological resources.

Learning takes place in an atmosphere of respect and support where we acknowledge and celebrate our differences and encourage empathy, compassion, understanding and respect for human dignity. Our graduates will have the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed to make a positive contribution to the international community.

Our Philosophy

Empowering minds. Uniting Communities

Our key philosophy at AIS is to develop and demonstrate best practice education, and to make a world-class Australian education available and accessible to all children in Indonesia.

Regardless of ability, culture, ethnicity, gender or language background, all AIS students are encouraged and nurtured to achieve their full social and educational potential.

To achieve this, we are committed to providing a challenging, enriching and supportive learning environment, which develops confident and articulate students. Our students are augmented with the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed to shape their future and contribute meaningfully to the international community.