Penny Robertson OAM

Founder AIS Indonesia

Firstly, may I welcome you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you more about the Australian education system as well as AIS Indonesia.

Recognised as one of the best education systems in the world, Australia offers a unique education and learning style that encourages students to be innovative, creative and to think independently. As practitioners, we believe in the system because we see the results.

Our aim is to help our students to achieve their full academic and social potential by providing a challenging range of curriculum options and by establishing a learning environment where their different learning styles are accommodated. Our student-focused approach achieves good results because it works on an ethos of positive rewards.

The Australian education system is an inclusive one. At AIS, we believe this is one of our key strengths. We accept all students regardless of culture, ethnicity, religion, gender or language background. We do not pass or fail students. In fact, in all my years of teaching I have never met a student who has failed to learn. If we, as teachers, are not having success with our students, then we, as teachers, are failing to teach, and we need to look at alternative teaching styles.

AIS has now been operating in Indonesia for over 25 years. Our first campus, established in July 1996 in Pejaten, was set up by a group of parents who were educators. AIS has grown from an initial enrolment of eleven students to two successful campuses - Jakarta and Bali. Each offers a world-class Australian education to local and expatriate students.

Our new logo launched in 2006 during our 10th anniversary year seeks to position AIS as an international learning community where every student is helped to achieve his or her personal best. This is what makes AIS the successful school that it is. Everyone in the AIS community is valued and respected equally. The positive and healthy relationships within the extended AIS family encourage our students to give their best in all their pursuits.