English Support Program

Our school welcomes students from various language backgrounds

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program is tailored to support and aid the development of English proficiency for academic purposes and help non-English speaking students overcome language barriers in a new school environment.

The EAL Program is also designed to help students move progressively towards higher levels of proficiency required for their class level. Depending on each student’s need, we employ a variety of integration methods in assisting students to participate confidently in mainstream class.

Diagnostic and placement assessments, together with teacher observations and classwork evaluations are made at appropriate times.

The success of our program is aptly illustrated by a quote taken from the speech presented by our 2018 School Dux, who started at AIS as a student needing  EAL support.

"Three years ago, when I walked through the doors of AIS, I had a very hard time as my English was horrible and I could not even communicate with English speakers. Because of the great support of my teachers, parents and friends, I was able to improve my language skills to the extent where I can make this speech to you as the DUX of the school.

As the Graduating Class of 2018, our thanks firstly must go to all the teachers, staff and the management of AIS. We’ve been privileged to have an opportunity to attend AIS which offers a world-class education."

For further details about the EAL Program, please contact admissions@ais-indonesia.com