Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our campus was full of excitement this week as a number of our junior teams made it to the BSSA Football finals. Seeing great teamwork by our players and staff, who helped support our students and make the finals on Wednesday such a huge success. 

On Thursday, we hosted the Senior BSSA Football tournament, where 200 players from all the schools in Bali came for a round-robin of games lasting 12 minutes each. The games started at 1200 and went right through to around 1630. 

Pak Putu, Ms Keone, and Pak Ben, thank you for coordinating the event and to all the teachers, assistants and support staff who helped make Wednesday and Thursday's events the great success they were. Thank you to the High School SRC who ran the drink and food stall.

Congratulations to all our players for their efforts throughout the whole competition. We came first on the board for the 11/12 Girls' soccer team and the Division 2 Senior Boys table. 

It is not long now before the end of Term Three. It has been a very busy term, and we have enjoyed the return of BSSA sports. Students have already started preparing for the Volleyball season next term.

This week also saw the return of our High School Science Fair. I enjoyed walking around the Science Fair today and hearing about all the fantastic scientific investigations carried out by our students. We look forward to featuring photos of today's event in next week’s Bali Bytes. It is great that these events are returning to our calendar, and we look forward to introducing more events to the calendar in 2023.

Enjoy the bytes!

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