Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have reached the end of another school week. It has been a busy week indeed, with the start of extracurricular activities, Active Football Academy and Klim Swim. It is great seeing our facilities being used outside of school hours.

This week also saw many of our students representing AIS in the Bali Schools Sporting Association Basket Ball competition. Thank you all for representing our great school and showing great enjoyment in participating in team sports. The Term One in-class swimming program also started this week, and the excitement I could here from my office certainly showed me that our students were enjoying their swimming sessions.

A couple of reminders, earlier this year, I emailed that during school hours, we are not wanting our students to eat fast food on campus. These foods can be consumed outside of school and can be a treat for your child. Please do not order them and have them delivered to school by a driver. We encourage all students to eat healthy food for recess and lunch.

With the start of after-school activites, the pressure on the car park is easing with the staggered pick-up time of many students. Please make sure if you are on campus and waiting to pick up your child, if you are not parked in a car space and are waiting to enter the car park area, you must stay in your car. This is very important so that the traffic is not blocked and can flow. We do as you are considerate of other drivers and do not do anything to block the flow of traffic.

Our next major social event for the year is the P&F Trivia Night which will be held on Friday, 03 March. We hope each class will be represented; it will be a fun night full. It is a great way to meet others, socialise and win fantastic prizes. We do hope you will join us. If you cannot book a full table (6 people max), we can organise to put you on a table.

Enjoy the bytes this week.

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