2017 Student Leadership Program At AIS Kemang

2017 Student Leadership Program At AIS Kemang

There was a buzz in Year 5 and 6 classrooms this week at AIS Kemang as students got ready for their much anticipated Leadership Workshops.

Here at AIS Kemang, all senior primary students are considered leaders whether they hold a formal position such as school captain or not. They are expected to lead through example and to demonstrate the school’s values of: inclusion, respect, care & compassion, integrity, responsibility, honesty, fair go and doing your best.

Students participated in 2 days of workshops, games and information talks about leadership. Ms Michelle, the Head of Campus, addressed the students sharing her ideas of leadership and important qualities for being a leader. Students loved the idea of being positive, awesome and never giving up.

Other activities got students to work together to develop a list of attributes that Year 5/6 students consider important for leadership; games to highlight the importance of teamwork; and opportunities to reflect on their own leadership skills they have and those they would like to develop further.

Next week, the process of selecting school and house captains continues with students delivering speeches that Years 3-6 students and teachers will vote on. We look forward to seeing campaign posters going up around the school early next week.