International Women’s Day At AIS Kemang

International Women’s Day At AIS Kemang

AIS Kemang students and staff wore the traditional colours of purple and green last Wednesday 8th March, as part of our campus wide celebration of International Women’s Day.

The school community embraced the day with classes buzzing with discussions regarding inspiring women, education for all and the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 5 which focuses on gender equality. The library had a wonderful display of books showcasing the achievements of women and girls worldwide.

The 3-year old preschool students loved seeing pictures and hearing about two powerful women; Kartini from Indonesia, who wrote letters so that Indonesian girls could go to school, and Rukmini Devi Arundale from India, who was a famous dancer. At the end of the day, they recalled the ‘superhero from Indonesia’ who drew pictures and the ‘one from India’ who was a beautiful dancer. 

Our Year 2 students think that “Girls can do anything they want!“; “When someone tells you that you throw like a girl, keep your confidence and don't let yourself down,” and that “Girls can do what boys do.” Year 4 students shared stories of the achievements of women in their families including grandmothers and mothers. The Year 5 students agree it’s important to “share equally for boys and girls;” that “women should be independent” and “women should all be educated so that they can continue to educate their children.”

Donations collected on the day will be shared between two local groups:

  • Institut Kapal Perempuan - This local group provides education programs and workshops with the vision of creating a civil society, with a focus on women and empowering them to think critically and promoting gender equality and peace.
  • Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre Women’s Classes - The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre runs evening classes for around 60 female refugees who are studying basic English before they are resettled to a third country. Most are in a classroom for the first time in their lives.

International Women’s Day sentiments were echoed in an assembly at the end of the week by Foundation students who interviewed and filmed each other discussing what jobs men and women can do and they concluded with a song and the message that ‘Women Can Do Anything!’

With the future in these children’s hands, we can all surely look forward to a world with equality for all.