Opening January 2021!

Opening January 2021!

Here are some updates on the progress of our New Campus. We are certainly on track to be opening the 2021 school year in this magnificent building.

25 metre Competition Pool
As well as having access to the current pool at the High School Campus, the new campus incorporates a 25 m Competition pool with a depth of up to 3 m at its deepest.  With its geoboard facia and unique angles, the new campus will be a striking addition to the neighbourhood.


Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC)
A top-class indoor sports hall will add to our sports facilities, including an artificial turf soccer pitch, high school multicourt and second 25 m pool.
The MPC will house two full size basketball courts as well a permanent stage area for assemblies and performances.


The tunnel entrance from the new campus leading to the current high school campus. The high school campus is just across (under) the road!

A Private Tunnel – essentially one campus!
A tunnel under Jl. Pejaten Barat will provide safe and convenient access to the facilities of the current High School Campus, including the playing field, swimming pool, multi-court and other specialist senior school classrooms such as film and music.


Lower primary and pre-school learn to swim pool.

Children’s Pool
Swimming is not just good for children’s health; it is a skill that could ultimately save their lives. It is vital that every child has the opportunity to learn to swim and gain core knowledge regarding water safety.  A separate pool for pre-school and lower-primary school students will provide a safe, shallow environment for children to develop their confidence in the water as well as basic water safety.