The teaching of Mathematics at our school uses a very practical approach, through situations that are encountered in everyday life.
Our teachers create an active learning environment that encourages and retains our children’s enjoyment and curiosity about Mathematics. We make extensive and thoughtful use of physical and visual materials to foster the learning of mathematical concepts.

Learning outcomes at the primary level include the knowledge of basic number facts, the application of the appropriate mathematical operation, the ability to communicate in precise mathematical language and the skills to solve real-life/non-routine situations.
From Years 7 to 10, the emphasis is on the continued development of problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills, performance of statistical operations and graphs. Classroom learning continues to be connected to real-life situations. Students have access to support and enrichment activities.

Year 11 and 12 students are able to select the level of mathematics best suited to their ability and to their needs beyond high school. We encourage all students to study mathematics in Year 11 and 12 and support our students in their choice. Teachers are always happy to assist students outside of class time and to work with them to achieve success.