John Milliss

Head of Bali Campus

It is my pleasure to introduce you to AIS Bali. I have been working at AIS Bali since 1999, and throughout this time, it has been pleasing to see the school develop into a major educational provider on the island. I took on the role of Head of School last year and it has been an exciting time. The school roll has seen tremendous growth, and I look forward to guiding the continual development of our school with the support of the whole school community.

AIS Bali is a co-educational school for Preschool to Year 12 students. We offer the Victorian curriculum in the primary school and the Australian Capital Territories (ACT) curriculum in the secondary school. Our Year 12 certification is accredited through the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies in Canberra, Australia.

Our education philosophy is centred on academic excellence and rigour in a collaborative and supportive school-family environment. Our goal is to provide our students with a global education and to prepare them for tertiary education in world-class universities.

At AIS, we value respect, participation, honesty, responsibility and safety.These values are at the heart of all that we do here at AIS Bali. We aim to help students develop a range of academic and personal strategies that will enable them to become active, informed and responsible citizens of the world, regardless of ability, culture, ethnicity, gender or language.

AIS Bali is highly regarded for its success with students from all backgrounds and abilities. We offer an inclusive education and school culture where students with learning difficulties or disabilities are able to benefit from mainstream education, while being provided with specialist support.

We are grateful for the continual involvement of the parents in our daily activities within the school. The warm community spirit, complemented by our safe and caring learning environment, enables our students to develop into happy and well-rounded individuals, with a tenacity to succeed.

Whether you are just browsing or already part of our school community, I appreciate the time that you have made to visit our website. Should you require further information regarding our school, please do not hesitate to make contact. Enjoy your visit to our website.