Key Leadership Team

A great school is built on the foundation of highly-skilled teaching teams

Having a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher is the most important school-related factor that directly influences student achievement and so recruiting dedicated professionals has always been an AIS priority. In the interests of building a learning environment for all, AIS Indonesia provides an ongoing professional development program for all academic staff designed to enhance and energise classroom teaching.


AIS Teachers Conference

Each academic year, teachers from both AIS campuses gather for the annual AIS Teachers Conference focused on improving learning outcomes for our students. Invited international experts, and experienced AIS team leaders, facilitate a series of discussion groups and workshops that help teachers build their expertise and refine their craft.

Throughout the academic year teachers are provided with additional training opportunities to improve all essential skills, adapt to new technology, and apply them effectively to achieve a positive long-term impact on their students. In addition to the building of professional skills, teachers are also provided with opportunities to enhance their own personal development. Taking the definitive role of a mentor, it’s important that our educators embody the high level of interpersonal skills and self-awareness that we aim to instill in our students. AIS personal development initiatives for staff include dress-making, yoga, fitness classes and other activities that help staff achieve life balance and personal goals.