Learning Support Program

Support Services

Students will be admitted into the Learning Support Program if:

  • the Director of Student Support Services is satisfied that adequate physical and human resources are available to meet the child’s learning needs and that vacancies exist in the most appropriate class, and if
  • students requiring Mainstream Learning Support can also be accommodated, in which case the number of students per class receiving Mainstream Learning Support will be dependent on the level of support needed by each student.
  • vacancies exist in the Student Support Centre (SSC), which can accommodate up to 18 students.
Before a student's admission to a Learning Support group can be finalised, parents must;
  • provide an up-to-date copy of a Psychologist/ Specialist/ Pediatric report based on clinical or school testing and evaluation. (N.B. if the Report is not in English, it must be a certified English language translation)
  • complete the Learning Support section of the Application Form.
  • agree to enrol all siblings into AIS, and

Note: AIS may request Confidential Teacher/Principal references as deemed necessary.