AIS high school campus is located in a stately mansion with multiple facilities at Pejaten, South Jakarta.

This lively campus offers a stimulating Australian curriculum along with a range of exciting opportunities for students from Year 7 to 12 and the IB Diploma for Senior High School.

  • Campus-wide, broadband Wi-Fi access
  • Mini-computer laboratories
  • Uniform shop
  • Canteen
  • Library
  • Specialist areas for music, drama and art
  • Performing hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Synthetic soccer pitch
  • Synthetic futsal pitch
  • Air-conditioned gymnasium/auditorium

The AIS Pejaten Campus canteen is operated by Tamarind Catering, an external provider with over 17 years in the catering business.

Tamarind Catering is an experienced specialist in handling school and office canteens. It caters to various international schools’ functions, school events and corporate functions in Jakarta as well as manages a home delivery service. The Canteen’s key team member has extensive food preparation experience having served as a food consultant at Unilever in the past as well as taught on topics such as food handling, hygienic cooking and application of cooking techniques at various expat organisations.

The Canteen aims to ensure that school children receive balanced meals with the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables. Healthy food options and vegetarian meals are provided every day.

  • No nuts, preservatives, coloring or MSG is used and frying is kept to a minimum.
  • The canteen makes its own dressings and most spices to ensure the use of high-quality ingredients.
  • Chicken, meat and fish are purchased direct from registered suppliers to ensure the use of the freshest produce.
  • Similarly, all fruits and vegetables are bought fresh direct from the open vegetable markets.
  • Canola or olive oil is used for cooking and preparation, depending on the dishes. No lard or palm oil is used.
  • Pita bread, pizza bases, wraps and nan breads are all made daily by our in-house bakers. Whole wheat flour is used.
  • All our food is “Halal” – no pork ingredients are used.
  • Each cook specializes in different types of international and Indonesian cuisine and each one cooks their specialties on different days so that there is a different international cuisine each day to expose students to different menus from all over the world.
The Canteen Team

All Canteen staff members have undergone training in Food handling, food storage and hygienic cooking methods.

Special Dietary Needs

The Canteen caters to meals with special dietary restrictions including vegan meals upon request. No nuts, preservatives, coloring or MSG is used and frying kept to a minimum.

Each campus operates an internal door-to-door bus service. Directly maintained and operated by AIS, our school bus service is organised by trusted staff trained in child-protection. Every bus is equipped with a security chaperone and CCTV to monitor the safety of passengers.

Parents may select from either a single or two-way bus service. Prices vary based on area and selected available services. For fee information, click here


The safety of your child and the security of our campuses is of utmost importance to AIS. Consequently all the school campus grounds and the exit / entry procedures have been carefully planned with your child’s safety in mind and are continuously monitored.


Entry and Exit procedures

All parents, staff and other authorized people are issued photo identity badges which need to be scanned at the entry point
No person is allowed access to any child without prior written consent/ notification by the authorized care giver/parent.

Campus Safety

We have procedures in place to maximize the safety of our children when toileting and changing after Physical Education and Swimming activities.

CCTV surveillance is used at all locations deemed to require extra supervision, including school buses.

Student Safety

At AIS we are highly conscious of the requirement for a child safety program for all class levels which helps students become aware of potential dangers and protective strategies and support.

Our intensive Child Safe course therefore aims at encouraging children to identify unsafe situations or potentially unsafe situations and to develop practical strategies to preserve their physical and emotional safety. 

The program is based on two major premises:
1. We all have the right to feel safe all the time.
2. Nothing is so awful that we can't talk with someone about it.

There are two corresponding core concepts:

Early Warning Signs

Children are encouraged to recognise their feelings of safety in different situations. When we feel unsafe, our bodies tell us through physical sensations that something is wrong. Within the program these sensations are called early warning signs.


Children are encouraged to develop a ‘Safety Network’ of trusted adults who will listen to them, believe them and help them if they need help. Networks of trusted people should be people children can talk to about all things, whether they are good or of a concern to them. In a personal emergency, children are encouraged to use safety strategies and personal networks. 

Evacuation and Lockdown

The school’s evacuation plan ensures that all staff and students are well briefed on how to act in either a lockdown or evacuation emergency. In the event of any decision to evacuate, lockdown or vary the normal routine, our first priority is to ensure the safety of the children, and then to inform parents as quickly as possible. It should be stressed that these are emergency procedures only and there is no suggestion that they will be required. AIS, however, conducts regular evacuation and lockdown drills to ensure that the process can operate smoothly.

All students are expected to wear the correct AIS uniform and be neat and well-groomed.  Unless otherwise specified, students are expected to wear their uniform at all times when attending school or representing the school. The appropriate Physical Education and Sport uniform should be worn for all such lessons and sporting events.


Academic Uniform Guidelines

High School

Years 7 to 10 students

  • Boys: white cotton shirt with school logo with olive green trousers or cargo pants
  • Girls: white cotton shirt with school logo with olive green skirt or cargo pants

Years 11 and 12 students

  • Boys: beige cotton shirt with school logo with olive green trousers or cargo pants
  • Girls: beige cotton shirt with olive green skirt or cargo pants
  • Closed black shoes with white ankle socks 
  • Only AIS jackets are allowed to be worn for all Year levels 7-12
Physical Education and Sport uniform
  •  House T-shirt with black sports shorts.
  • Sports shoes with white ankle socks.