Conveniently located in South Jakarta, our primary campus is a gracious mansion with purpose-built educational and sports facilities set amidst lush tropical grounds

Home to students from Preschool to Year 6, our primary school is a vibrant and welcoming community where every student is encouraged to explore his or her interests and capabilities in a secure environment.

  • Campus-wide, broadband Wi-Fi access
  • Mini-computer laboratories
  • Specialist areas for music, drama and art
  • Makerspace
  • Canteen
  • Library
  • Performing hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Synthetic soccer pitch
  • Synthetic futsal pitch
  • Air-conditioned gymnasium/auditorium
  • Excellent playgrounds with soft ground surface
  • Uniform shop

Our primary school's canteen is operated by an external provider, which has a long experience in providing quality offerings that appeal to school-aged children and their parents. The canteen provides a wide variety of hot & cold snacks and meals for all students and staff at the primary school. Parents are also welcome to purchase from the canteen. 


Set up by a former AIS parent, The Playground Café is maintained at the Primary School by a current AIS parent whose children also consume from the canteen daily.  The canteen aims to ensure that the food offered is as high a quality as a parent’s homemade creations, including the following standards:

  • The canteen makes as many of its ingredients from scratch as possible. Not using store-bought ingredients ensures freshness and that there are no hidden preservatives or inferior-grade ingredients
  • The canteen uses high-quality ingredients, including lean cuts of meat, high quality dory fish, canola oil instead of palm oil, and butter instead of lard/Blue Band 
  • The canteen never uses monosodium glutamate (MSG), food colour, preservatives or peanuts
  • All meals and bread are prepared daily, so there are never any stale or suspect left-overs
  • Bread, subway sandwich rolls, pita bread, pizza bases, tortillas etc are all made by our experienced baker and are baked daily on the premises. Our bread products use butter and 30% whole wheat flour. 
  • Our specialist sweet baker (for muffins, granola bars, scones, biscuits etc) uses only pure butter and tries to incorporate healthy inputs into sweet offerings, such as oats and fruits.  
  • Parents of various nationalities have come in to teach our head cook how to execute authentic non-Indonesian Asian dishes
  • Our kitchen is halal. Pork is never offered. 
  • There is a very wide variety of offerings catering for the fussiest of young eaters, including many simple meals which are available daily – such as sandwiches or pasta with grated cheese
  • There is a balance of chicken, meat and fish offered each week
  • The canteen provides a side serving of fruit or vegetables to model a balanced meal.  Some meals have hidden vegetables in the sauces to ensure the children are getting their nutrients
  • The canteen tries to educate an environment-friendly practice, thus does not sell drinks in plastic bottles or use throw-away serving containers.  Reusable serving dishes and cups with snap on lids are used instead
Primary School Canteen Team

The Primary School Canteen team consists of 7 full-time employees, and is led by expatriate, and AIS parent, Penni Genders.  Penni has years of catering experience including running her own café in Australia.  She diligently ensures the adherence of international hygiene standards, controls menu planning and quality, and helps with the execution of western recipes.  
Pak Novri is the head cook with many years of restaurant experience, and is assisted by Ibu Mar. The canteen also employs a full-time experienced baker – Pak Badrus, assistant baker Pak Dio, and is proud of its bread and pastry offerings, which are baked fresh daily on the premises. 
Ibu Ida is our sweet baker, who makes delicious, freshly baked snacks daily. Pak Yus completes the team and manages the purchasing and logistics. 

Meal Delivery/Collection and Where the Children Eat

The canteen endeavours to serve snacks and meals which are as warm and fresh as possible.  Meals are served as close to lunchtime as possible, and then covered. 
For Preschool 3 to Year 2, class teaching assistants collect snacks and lunches ordered from the canteen (in a covered lunchbox) and the food is eaten in the classrooms together with classmates. For Year 3 to 6 Level, children collect their own covered lunchboxes from the canteen and take them back to their classrooms to eat together with their classmates.


Menus and order forms are available as an attachment to “Bytes”, the weekly school electronic newsletter. Hard copies of the menu and order forms are also available from the administration counter in the foyer, and from the uniform shop window. Menus are available by Friday morning for the following week. Parents can pick one up after the Friday assembly.  Orders for the following week are accepted (and encouraged) on Fridays. 


Orders are taken a maximum of one week in advance.  Parents are encouraged to pre-order for a whole week, to help the canteen manage quantities, although same-day orders are allowed.
To pre-order, parents, children, nannies or drivers must go to the Uniform Shop window and submit a completed order form and cash payment. Both snacks and lunches can be pre-ordered. Orders must be placed before 8:45 am each morning.

Voucher System

The canteen operates on a voucher system - no cash is accepted directly at the canteen. Vouchers are available for purchase at the uniform shop window, either in advance or daily by 9 am. 
Vouchers can be purchased using cash, debit or credit card. 
A child wishing to purchase a snack from the canteen must first purchase vouchers. 

Direct Purchases

Direct purchases of snack items and drinks are possible by children from Foundation Year Level and above, using vouchers. 
Direct purchase of meals at lunchtime by students is discouraged, as there is no guarantee that there will be any food left over once the pre-orders are filled. However, if a child is stuck without a lunch the canteen will of course provide something to their liking. 

Special Dietary Needs

There are gluten free and vegetarian options amongst the daily specials and available every day. 
Upon requests, canteen staff will take note on individual students’ special dietary needs and will be happy to accommodate them. The small size of the Kemang campus allows for personalised canteen service for children with specific needs. 


Given the quality ingredients used and the great variety of offerings, meals are still competitively priced – ranging from Rp 10,000 to Rp 20,000 for snack items and from Rp 30,000 to Rp 50,000 for meals. 

Absences and Refunds 

A child that has a pre-ordered lunch but is absent can ring the canteen before 8:30 am so that a refund can be made. 
No refunds will be made without prior information to the canteen. 
Refunds are made in the form of vouchers and are delivered via a child’s teacher or teaching assistant. 

Each campus operates an internal door-to-door bus service. Directly maintained and operated by AIS, our school bus service is organised by trusted staff trained in child-protection. Every bus is equipped with a security chaperone and CCTV to monitor the safety of passengers.

Parents may select from either a single or two-way bus service. Prices vary based on area and selected available services. For fee information, click here

The safety of your child and the security of our campuses is of utmost importance to AIS. Consequently all the school campus grounds and the exit / entry procedures have been carefully planned with your child’s safety in mind and are continuously monitored.

Entry and Exit procedures

All parents, staff and other authorized people are issued photo identity badges which need to be scanned at the entry point
No person is allowed access to any child without prior written consent/ notification by the authorized care giver/parent.

Campus Safety

We have procedures in place to maximize the safety of our children when toileting and changing after Physical Education and Swimming activities.

CCTV surveillance is used at all locations deemed to require extra supervision, including school buses.

Student Safety

At AIS we are highly conscious of the requirement for a child safety program for all class levels which helps students become aware of potential dangers and protective strategies and support.

Our intensive Child Safe course therefore aims at encouraging children to identify unsafe situations or potentially unsafe situations and to develop practical strategies to preserve their physical and emotional safety. 

The program is based on two major premises:
1. We all have the right to feel safe all the time.
2. Nothing is so awful that we can't talk with someone about it.

There are two corresponding core concepts:

Early Warning Signs

Children are encouraged to recognise their feelings of safety in different situations. When we feel unsafe, our bodies tell us through physical sensations that something is wrong. Within the program these sensations are called early warning signs.


Children are encouraged to develop a ‘Safety Network’ of trusted adults who will listen to them, believe them and help them if they need help. Networks of trusted people should be people children can talk to about all things, whether they are good or of a concern to them. In a personal emergency, children are encouraged to use safety strategies and personal networks. 

Evacuation and Lockdown

The school’s evacuation plan ensures that all staff and students are well briefed on how to act in either a lockdown or evacuation emergency. In the event of any decision to evacuate, lockdown or vary the normal routine, our first priority is to ensure the safety of the children, and then to inform parents as quickly as possible. It should be stressed that these are emergency procedures only and there is no suggestion that they will be required. AIS, however, conducts regular evacuation and lockdown drills to ensure that the process can operate smoothly.

All students are expected to wear the correct AIS uniform and be neat and well-groomed.  Unless otherwise specified, students are expected to wear their uniform at all times when attending school or representing the school. The appropriate Physical Education and Sport uniform should be worn for all such lessons and sporting events.

Academic Uniform Guidelines

Primary School
  • All students must wear the prescribed uniform at all times
  • Boys: batik printed shirt with dark green shorts
  • Girls: batik printed shirt with skorts or a batik dress
  • Closed black shoes with white ankle socks
  • School hats are compulsory when at play outside

Note: If a T-shirt is worn under the batik shirt, the shirt must be done up at all times. Students with long hair must tie their hair up neatly.

Physical Education and Sports Uniform
  • House T-shirt with black sports shorts.
  • Sports shoes with white ankle socks.