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Muranishi Family

Parents of Primary Students
The most important factors to consider when choosing a school are balance of academic & non-academi, support and care for kids, special program for non native speakers and school facilities. 

My girls enjoy playing with friends from all over the world! Their English skills are getting better and it seems to be easier to communicate with all friends. - Asako Muranishi

Nurcahya Basuki Family

Parents of Secondary Student
My son enjoys the close knit school environment that is there in AIS, and I believe the understanding that my son feels is given to him really makes him comfortable with the school. 

The step by step process of support for improvement is felt and I believe he feels it as well that the school and teachers are continuously getting him to be the best version of himself. - Nurcahya Basuki

Clancy Family

Parents of Preschool Student
We wanted an inclusive school that was welcoming to all students and cared for their welfare as much as their academic ability.

August loves the school. His teachers are amazing and make all the children in his class feel special every day. He loves going so much that he cries if he is sick because he can’t go to school. - Bartholomew Clancy