Walkathon 2023

21 Oct, 2023

On Saturday, 21st October 2023 we held a charity event called Walkathon at Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta. 

The Walkathon is a chance for students, teachers and their families to come together with AIS staff at the Ragunan Zoo to walk, jog or run laps of a 1 km circuit (High School) or 500m circuit (Primary) around the beautiful and shady part of the zoo. 

This year we will be donating the funds raised to the following charities: 
- HELP Community Refugee Centre and Cisarua Learning Centre
- Panti Asuhan Yos Sudarso Cilandak and Panti Asuhan Tanjung Barat
- Kampung kids
- Mangrovejkt.id
- Jakarta Animal Aid Network
- Cikanaga Wildlife Center

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Walkathon event on Saturday, October 21, 2023. We understand that the weather was extremely hot (but better than rain! ), so your hard work and excitement helped to make the day a huge success for our school community.