What Parents Say

Parents Testimonial

Kasmara Family

Parents of Preschool Student
What we enjoy most about AIS thus far is how the learning curriculum is set out, alongside its activities, which ensures a proper and structured learning environment for preschool kids.

In addition to that, the Teachers, the Staff, the Security, are very professional and friendly people which creates a pleasant environment for the child and us as parents. They are like family! - Arya & Carrine

Numakami Family

Parents of Primary Students
The most important factor for us was whether a school could support our children in terms of language, English.

Since, before entering a school in Jakarta, they were not good at English, we were looking for a school where ESL students can get sufficient support. - Tamami Numakami

Hewitt Family

Parents of Secondary Student
As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the education and support that my children have received at AIS.

The holistic care is truly outstanding, and the teachers go above and beyond to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met. Some schools just talk the talk but AIS comes through. I have seen my children grow and thrive in this environment, and I know that they are well-prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead. Thank you, AIS! - David Hewitt